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Inspiration from a sea of dreams

Sea of Dreams

Most of the time, I write the lyrics for my songs. Lyrics can be inspired by a simple comment from someone, or perhaps from a commission I’ve been given. I’m always surprised at how many ways ideas can pop up. Sometimes, they come pouring out, and sometimes, it’s a struggle to find the next word that’s just right!

But when a friend is a master wordsmith and he shares something incredible with you, the muse is already there. I’m very fortunate to have such a friend. His name is Ronald Cadmus.

When Ron showed me his poem “Sea of Dreams”, I was once again taken with the beauty of his craft. I’ve previously found inspiration from other writings that Ron has created, but this one really spoke to me. I loved the way the poem moved from the imagery of a starfish to the deeper meaning of love and caring.

He starts with a wonderful metaphor:

“Thousands of starfish on the shore

Helpless to return to the receding tide

Abandoned stars trapped in the sand

I'll reach for one star

and lend a helping hand.”


I particularly was moved by these lines:

 “Imagine what all our hearts can do

If we each love one

and place it back into the sea of dreams.”


Over the years, songs have been written in many genres and thousands of styles. In bygone eras, troubadours sang songs as a way to inform the villages in their travels of the news and events of the day.  Operas featured many emotional arias that could move the audience to tears. Some songs are simply meant to get you dancing and singing along. Songs within musicals help to move the plot along or develop an understanding of a character. But when a song can convey a universal message, I think those are the most meaningful songs.

 Hopefully, with “Sea of Dreams”, I’ve been able to blend my music with Ron’s lyrics so that perhaps someone, one day, will be moved to “lend a helping hand”.

 And of course, a song is just dots on a piece of paper until it is brought to life by a singer. Ron and I were blessed to have Linda Baker Grimm perform this song. Please enjoy the video and hear for yourself.

 Just “imagine what all our hearts can do…”

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