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Come and Follow Me

Come and Follow Me

Yesterday was a very special day at church. The choir sang wonderfully, the sermon was dotted with a great mix of heartfelt words, humor and wisdom. And I got to share one of my songs in worship. The song was "Come and Follow Me".

My friend, Andrew Chauncey breathed life into the song with his incredible voice and emotional performance. It's always a joy for me to share my gift of song with the congregation, and I was warmed by the reception it received.  But beyond that, during the week before the service, I was reminded of just how much this song touched our associate pastor when it was first performed several years ago. 

Here's the story:

At the time of the first performance, our associate pastor was starting to feel the call to ministry, and as most calls go, it was blended with a mix of willingness and a dose of uncertainty.  While he felt this was the path for him to follow, there was still the reluctance to take that leap of faith into the unknown. How would it all work out? How could he manage the life he had already created and take on this world of ministry? I know many of us feel the same way when presented with a life-changing event or decision. One particular phrase in the lyrics seemed to stand out to him "What do you want to do through me?".

As the song progresses, the tone of the lyrics change into an affirmation of trust.

"Lord, I feel your hand upon my heart. Lord, I will be still to heart your word.

I think I hear your voice, is this the answer, Lord, I know what I can do.
I will do anything, I will go anywhere, I am your servant, Lord. I'm in your hands!"

These were the words that touched my associate pastor and seemed to give him some peace in his decision....a decision that has blessed our congregation and I know will continue to bless those that he touches through his gift of ministry.

I don't always know where the music and lyric is going, or even coming from, when I start to write a new song. I also don't know the effect of my songs upon the hearts of those who listen to my songs. But I do know that I am humbled to learn that one of my songs has had a profound impact on someone's life. And for that, I am grateful and inspired to continue to write what is on my heart, and hope that sometime it will touch someone else's heart.


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  • Michael, I was there and heard this beautiful song. Our church is so blessed with our ministers and yours and Andrew’s gifts of music.

    Joan Barnes on

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